September 2010

The amount of food graff found in the City in September dropped off considerably from that in August, similarly to what happened in 2009. Why? Time to go back to school? Back to work? Whatever the reason, the graff that was found was still pretty cool. The neighborhoods canvassed during September were mostly Williamsburg, the East Village and Little Italy (during the Feast of San Gennaro).

There was a can of Apocalypse Soup and ‘Dope as Fruit.’ More Fishheads, Egg Yolk, Cupcakes and Katsu. An increase of Pear and S+P tags was notable. More intriguing was the return of God Buns– on the door right next to Fatty ‘Cue. Interesting considering Rhonda and Allison Kave’s Sunday market of the same name.

— Arthur Bovino

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