October 2009

With the end of summer, tagging slowed. But it didn’t stop. This month’s graffeati showed up in Midtown, Williamsburg, and Union Square. And one of the tags that appeared in October marked a sea change in the City’s food graff scene: the rise of the Cupcake.

Another find documented the complicated relationship between restaurants and graffiti. There’s the contentious, perhaps destructive aspect– the Yelpification of food graffiti evidenced by the August’s pizza graffiti at DiFara. But restaurants also commission murals– corporate ones too, as demonstrated by the mural outside a Chipotle in Chelsea.

Food Graffiti also gained notoriety in the art world. DickChicken’s presence in New York culminated with his first solo show, a packed gallery at 3rd Ward’s new Williamsburg location. It featured DickChicken McNuglets, Cop Porn, and of course, a live Cock.

— Arthur Bovino

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