May 2010

It’s not that there’s no food graffiti in the rest of the City, it’s just that Williamsburg and the East Village have such high concentrations. You can walk down one block of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd avenues in the East Village and see enough food graffiti to fill every food group. But other neighborhoods provided some good food graffiti discoveries. Carroll Gardens, the Upper West Side, and Chelsea proffered ‘Get Your BBQ On,’ Feast, and Special Sauce.

A weekend in Los Angeles showed that New York and DC aren’t the only cities for food graff. The dumpster behind Pink’s on La Brea featured Savor, with Bran blocks away.

Think Special Sauce was an unbelievable food graff find? How about ‘I Heart Cheese,’ Bean, and Fritters. Really? Fritters? Dhulicious? ChefPants? I mean, come on. Food graff is everywhere.

— Arthur Bovino

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