June 2010

June. Heat. As this project showed in the summer of 2009, good weather meant New York’s street artists could come out to play. Their canvases? Downtown’s streets. East Village, the Bowery, Chelsea, TriBeCa, and the Flatiron District, these were the neighborhoods that offered up a feast fit to have been prepared by a spraycan-wielding Escoffier.

This month’s gallery features more than 200 photos and while the familiar was there (Tofu, Backfat, DickChicken, Cupcake, and Toro) there was crazy good new graff too: Dirty Dishes, Toast, Melt, and Wafel Haus, And images. Images of spoons, hamburgers, toasters, and tea kettles. Logos were appropriated. Tabasco became ‘Skate Sauce.’ The Starbucks logo was hijacked with spray-paint cans and the nickname, the “BLT Crew.”

Of all the great food graffiti found in June, and as much of it was found downtown and in Brookyn, perhaps the month’s greatest was from Midtown, a timeworn bit of sage kitchen advice: ‘Don’t Put Tinfoil in the Microwave.’

— Arthur Bovino

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