January 2010

New York bundled up for winter but the City still feasted on food graffiti. Tuna in Chinatown, Leeks on Arthur Avenue, and Beef with the omnipresent BNE sticker appropriating his initials to mean ‘Big Nut Eater.’ There were some amazing finds: Egg Foo, Bacon, ‘My Coffee’ at Balthazar, ‘Butter is Good,’ and cupcakes.

To most in the food media, the cupcake craze may be over. But it has taken over the City in a way far beyond anything Magnolia, the Cupcake Truck, or Hill Country’s PB&J rendition have done. The craze has moved to the streets. NoHo, SoHo, on Houston and in the East Village. Cupcake graffiti is everywhere.

— Arthur Bovino

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