April 2010

Originally, graffEATinyc.com was to span from April to April– a year in food graffiti– documenting it through photography, but low-profile, so as to document but not to call attention to it until the project was complete, and certainly not to instigate more of it, but to capture a scene, a movement. That period, that year, garnered more than 1,110 photos. But there was still a lot of ground to cover, and with the weather warming there would be more graff to photograph soon. So the project continues.

This gallery features a visit to Washington DC. DC has changed markedly during the past ten years– for the better, and the food scene with it. And while it’s no New York, it has its own share of food graffiti, some familiar– Sel and Onion– others unique in their own right: Valentine’s Day heart candies.

Back in New York the search for food graff meandered from Williamsburg and the West Village to Fort Greene. Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. This overexposed bakery item was joined by other indulgences: an ice cream cone, Syrup, Milk, and Vodka. There was some familiar food graff too: Sage, DickChicken, Tofu, Mint, Backfat, and Katsu.

And as if to either stage an insurrection, or establish the cupcakes as something else altogether, Muffin City made an appearance.

— Arthur Bovino

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