The Menu

Walk down the street in New York for a few blocks and you can put together a veritable feast using the food graffiti on the City’s walls, store shutters, and mailboxes. On the Menu is a collection of galleries broken down by menu.

Would you like sparkling or tap? I’ll be right back with that. In the meanwhile, go ahead and peruse the menu below. I’ll be right back to take your order…

  • OMAKASE Put yourself in my hands. View the project’s best food graffiti photography.
  • BEVERAGES Food graff you can drink, and its accompaniments.
  • COCKTAILS, BEER & WINE Food graff you can get drunk on, and its accompaniments.
  • SMALL PLATES Appetizers, sides, something to get you started.
  • ENTRÉES Pork, Pollo, Sole, Katsu, a T-Bone perhaps?
  • DESSERT Sweet food graffiti to finish your meal.