ARTHUR BOVINO Writer, photographer, and trained cook, Arthur is senior editor for the James Beard Award nominated food site, Always Hungry. As a guide-writer, he has traveled to Guiana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil for Rough Guides. He has also contributed to The New York Times for almost 10 years. He has cooked in New York restaurants, and attended The French Culinary Institute’s Classic Culinary Arts Program. This Georgetown grad grew up on Long Island and in Hong Kong. Food-wise, he loves eating mud-and-opera style.

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CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Credited where applicable.
MARYSE CHEVRIÈRE is a photographer, writer, imbiber, and whole-hearted food obsessive. She is the director of photography, and a contributing writer for the New York based food website, Always Hungry. Maryse is a graduate of New York University’s Food Studies program, and is a dual citizen of the United States (Houston) and France. Her food background always goes big, whether it’s foie gras or BBQ. She shoots with a Canon Rebel EOS T1i and her portfolio motto is “Try Not to Eat the Page.”

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CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Credited where applicable.
GAVIN SKEEN is a graduate of Tisch, amateur graffiti photographer, and sincere devotee to New York City. His food background is diverse, but he always seems to be in search of the perfect slice.

The gallery below contains photographs by Maryse Chevrière and Gavin Skeen. All other photos on are by Arthur Bovino.

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