Monthly Archives: October 2012


Tuna Graffiti

Lost track of where this one was spotted in New York City, but yes, tuna graffiti has happened. — 10/18/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 123)


Force Feed Radio

Music is food. — 10/17/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 122)


Fried Graffiti

By Irving Plaza, not sure what exactly is being fried, not salad like the other day, but something here. — 10/16/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 121)


Raw Dog Champ Chile!

Somewhere on Houston… the raw dog chile champ reigns…! — 10/15/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 120)


Pizza Time, For Real

We’ve seen “Pizza,” and called it “Pizza Time,” but here at 145 E Houston Street, it’s actually “Pizza Time.” — 10/14/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 119)


Pizza Time

Nobody said there’s great pizza in this part of Brooklyn, but maybe someday soon… — 10/13/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 118)


Fried Salad?

Usually you order your salad because you’re hoping to be pretend-healthy. When it’s fried? There ain’t no hope. — 10/12/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 117)


New York Loves Green Eggs and Ham

Sam I am must live near 215 W16th Street. — 10/11/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 116)


Do Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?

Apparently, in the East Village they might. And to boot, a little “I am not a nugget.” — 10/10/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 115)


What Exactly Is a Street Loaf?

If we’re going to be honest here, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a street loaf, is probably pretty off-color. Still… — 10/09/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 114)


Eat Everything But The Doily

Usually the pastry goes on the doily, which goes on the plate, right? Well, let’s just consider the plate the wall, and the word “Eat” the food. Spotted at 219 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg outside Catbird (10/6/2012). — 10/08/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 113)