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Chopstick Charlie Has One Crazy Posse

Avenue A and E11th Street was the site of some pretty epic graffiti lately (9/8/2012), namely “Overweight Bread.” But there was another food-related bit of graff on the same chainlink fence: Chopstick Charlie. Now, is Chopstick Charlie:

  1. a band you can listen to on MySpace
  2. a super obscure reference to a character played by George Kuwa in a film called Moran of the Lady Letty released in 1922
  3. a character named Chan-Le (nicknamed “Chopstick Charlie”) in a 2011 piece of historical fiction by L.A. Meyer called The Mark of the Golden Dragon
  4. something else entirely

It’s definitely 1, 2, and 3. But likely also 4. One thing is clear: he has “one crazy posse.” Ponder that one for the week that GraffEATiNYC.com goes on vacation.

— 9/22/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder graffeatinyc.com (Day 112)