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Chopstick Charlie Has One Crazy Posse

Avenue A and E11th Street was the site of some pretty epic graffiti lately (9/8/2012), namely “Overweight Bread.” But there was another food-related bit of graff on the same chainlink fence: Chopstick Charlie. Now, is Chopstick Charlie: a band you can listen to on MySpace […]


Overweight Bread Sticker Graffiti

One of the more epic pieces of food graffiti spotted here lately, “Overweight Bread,” was seen on the corner of Avenue A and E11th Street (9/8/2012). — 9/20/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 111)


Food Graffiti That Isn’t For Polite Company

Spotted in the East Village (9/9/2012), this graffiti may not quite be food, but it’s still kind of under’s purview. Either way, definitely not for polite company. — 9/19/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 110)


Halal Meat Graffiti

Meat that is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law — because that’s typical graffiti sticker subject matter. And there isn’t a movement connecting food and graffiti. Right. According the the Interwebs, there’s more halal meat graffiti going on out there. — […]


Duke A. Barnstable Ate and Pondered Art World Satire Here

Can’t tell you much about Duke A. Barnstable except that part of his schtick is to not be able to spell. That’s cool, dude. GrammarSins still seems to dig your stuff. Unlike much of his other art world satire, this piece is related to food, […]


Forker Serves The Ghost of Xmas Past

Not sure what to serve to the ghost of Xmas Past, but you’d hope it would be something good. Whatever follows during the rest of the Dickensian night ahead, you’ll probably want to face it on a full stomach. — 9/16/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder […]


Fortune Cookie Graffiti

Neither of these fortunes has much to do with food: “A handful of patience is worth a bushel of brains.” “A merry hearth doeth good like a medicine.” But fortune cookie fortunes pasted on a storefront… that qualifies as food graffiti as far as I’m […]


CHEW HOT SPICE $$ Graffiti

Spotted on 8th Avenue not far from Forager’s Table (one of the worst service experiences I can remember having in New York City in recent memory: Chew. Chew hot. Chew hot spice. Chew hot spice $$. Chew hot spice money money! Yes! Chew that hot […]


Pineapple Graffiti: Aloha, Chelsea

Pineapple, er, Pi-NIPPLE graffiti spotted on W22nd and 10th Avenue (9/9/2012). — 9/13/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 106)


Lower East Side Walnut Graffiti

Spotted in the sidewalk in front of Georgia’s East Side on Orchard near Houston in the sidewalk (9/12/2012): Walnut. Yup, walnut. — 9/12/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 105)


Porn and Chicken, Because They Go So Well Together

This was going to be an easy one. The hed was going to say it all: “Porn and Chicken, Because They Go So Well Together.” Except it gets a little more complicated than that. For those who don’t know how to use Google (aka “The […]


Chowda! Chowda Graffiti

Save for an unexpected visit before summer’s end, this will be the last Rockaway Beach reference for quite some time (if you missed them, there were recent Jams and Skimmy tags spotted nearby, 8/25/2012). Still, it’s a pretty epic one: Chowda. Chowder? Seriously? There’s a […]