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Forker Graffiti, No Porker, Outside Equinox

This “Forker” sticker was spotted on 10th Avenue by the Equinox in Chelsea by 17th Street. What’s a forker? See Merriam-Webster. Not to be confused with the Toaster Forker stickers… — 8/31/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 93)


Goya Graffiti, Oh-Boya!

Someone has to get down to the bottom of this one for me. If the family-owned company that sells beans, rice, nectars, seasonings, and authentic Spanish, Mexican and Hispanic specialties is going around putting up stickers, well, that’s pretty amazing. I know the Goya stick-figure […]


Just Saying, Sole Is Also A Fish

Whatever else “Sole” refers to in the graff world, to most of humanity, it’s a group of flatfish. Given the exclamation point, it’s apparently a very excited one. — 8/29/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 91)


Taster Peter Graffiti is NSFW

It’s amazing how something you see on the street can, once back home on the internet, remind you very quickly of how close you are when spending time online to a pretty salacious world. Case in point Taster Peter. This sticker reading, “OH! MY GOD […]


M&M’s Graffiti Melts in Your Mouth and On the Williamsburg Bridge

Spotted on the wall of the Williamsburg Bridge as seen from the Lower East Side on the street running along it near the corner of Delancey and Attorney (8/25/2012): MM. — 8/27/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 89)


Don’t-Roof-Rack-Me-Bro! Mitt Romney Graffiti: Vote Honky

Usu­ally, the only graf­fiti fea­tured here on is food-related. But as the elec­tion is quickly approach­ing, and it’s not often that you see full-on can­di­date spe­cific graf­fiti, this anti-Romney wheat paste poster spotted today (7/26/2012) on the wood construction board by the Rite Aid […]


Chef Stickers Still Spotted on Avenue C

Not Chefpants, just straight up Chef sticker graffiti spotted on an ATM near the end of July (7/29/2012) at 32 Avenue C near the corner of E3rd Street. — 8/26/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 88)


Big Old Slices of Watermelon Graffiti

Spotted not far from the baked “zitti” graffiti on the construction boards surrounding St. Brigid’s Church on E8th between Avenue B and Avenue C, and on the same day (7/29/2012), is this great big old watermelon graffiti. There are at least four slices sprayed up […]


Baked Ziti Graffiti

So you actually don’t spell ziti with a double “t,” but there are enough mispellings of the word that come up in a Google search that there’s little indication for those who don’t know any better. Where’s the best rendition of baked ziti near this […]


The Big Angry, Beat-Up Apple Graffiti

This one may be from the archives, but it hasn’t been featured here on This angry, beat-up apple was spotted on Fifth Avenue and W20th Street more than a year ago (12/10/2010). Maybe he got into a fight with Chicago over who makes better […]


French Wine Drop Sidewalk Graffiti

“Vins,” as any self-respecting Francophile will tell you, means wines in French. Who knows whether that’s really what this sidewalk tagger was thinking when he or she did this pointilist drink graffiti on E10th Street. I just like the idea of someone standing there dripping […]


FnB Network Chef, Toque and Apron Graffiti

If you Google FnB Network you get an orange website with a page title, “Where New York Food Service Pros Post & Find Food-Beverage Jobs,” along with the assurance, “Coming Soon!” But the FnB Network Facebook page says it was founded on March 25th, 2010, […]