Monthly Archives: July 2012


Pasta Graffiti Has Air Conditioner ADHD

Air conditioner graffiti is a funny thing. Most of it in the city consists of someone who was seemingly possessed all of a sudden with an anger so strong that it just had to strike out somewhere and make a mark on the personal property […]


Ham Sandwich Near Stuy Town

I’m not sure exactly why ham sandwich graffiti is on the mailbox in front of the post office across from Stuy Town on E14th Street and Avenue A. It’s not like there has been a ton of great food graff on this street found over […]


Unicorn Meat Storms New York City

This past week, the East Village and Williamsburg were blanketed with stickers representing some pretty unique, impossible-to-acquire game: Unicorn Meat New York City. The image is of a sausage grinder going full-steam ahead with a unicorn horn being fed into it. This one was spotted […]


Hungry Love Graffiti: Love Ate Hate in SoHo

Love and hate. You’ve heard expressions like “love-hate relationship” and “there’s a thin line between love and hate,” and more food and love related ones: “hungry love” and “eat one’s heart out,” but this food graffiti spotted yesterday by Ms. GraffeatiNYC (eagle eye Angela Moore […]


Poland Spring Air Wheat Paste Graffiti in Chelsea

Eviair, Smartair, Poland Spring Air, these wheat paste water company riffs have been making the rounds in New York City for at least a year (Fading Ad Blog has a post from December 2011, highlighting a selection of them all), maybe two or three. I […]


Shrimp Graffiti Skrimping Up Chelsea

Somewhere on W18th Street today between 8th and 9th Avenues, shrimp turned into “Skrimp” graffiti. It inspired cooking some actual head-on skrimps bought just a little while later at Chelsea Market. — 7/27/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 58)


Go Vegan: Vegan Graffiti is Still Graffiti

“Go Vegan and No Body Gets Hurt.” That’s the food sticker graffiti spotted today on Sixth Avenue and 21st Street. The site noted on the sticker is, and you should be warned before going there that the footage there is very graphic. Not saying […]


Red Hot Chiles East Village Graffiti

Not the first time that “Chiles” graffiti has been spotted in the East Village. Previously, a Chile sticker had been seen on 2nd Avenue and E11th. This one was spotted on 2nd Avenue and E2nd Street (7/15/2012). — 7/25/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder (Day 56)


Crayfish Graffiti in the Flatiron

I’ve seen lobster graffiti before (Cooper Square circa 2010), but never crayfish. So this is some pretty cool stuff. Figures that it seems to be the work of a food blogger. That Food Cray!!!, spotted on a mailbox in the Flatiron today right in front […]


East Village Baby Pigeon Day #10

Okay, so this is a graffiti blog. A food graffiti blog at that. I’m making an exception. Don’t worry, there won’t be a huge influx of cat posts all of a sudden (unless that will bring hella traffic! kidding, kidding). But considering that pretty much […]


East Village Ice Cream Truck Graffiti

Sometimes I feel like I’m about to run out of great food graffiti. And then all of a sudden, WHAMMO! Mister Softee graffiti shows up in the East Village across from Spice on Fourth Avenue and E10th Street (you know, that space that’s been vacant […]


Plenty of Chances to Cry Over Onions

As with yesterday’s post, this one demonstrates that often, and at least lately, food graffiti comes in twos. This double onion tag was spotted on an East Village door last week. — 7/22/2012 Arthur Bovino, founder