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Ground Chuck Graffiti in the Mission

So as documented here on, there’s a wide range of food graffiti that is obviously meant to refer to food. This however, is a case where the food aspect of the graffiti in question could be in the eye of the beholder. It’s just […]


Hot Dog! Food Graffiti in San Antonio

As previously noted on GraffeatiNYC before with posts about San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and overseas in Madrid, Belgium, and Italy, food graffiti isn’t specific to New York City. And it shouldn’t be a great surprise, given Texans’ passion for all things food, that this […]


Noodle Me This Graffiti

Spotted near the intersection of Avenue A and E10th Street in Alphabet City this past winter on a bicycle rack, was this “Noodles” sticker (1/2/2012). “Pasta” has been a familiar tag in the East Village, indeed, in Manhattan and its crossings, but Noodles, well, this […]


MuffinMilk and Ham Sandwich Graffiti In Love Forever

You’ve seen MuffinMilk. If you’ve been following food graffiti, you’ve seen the tag here quite a few times recently (stay tuned for an interview). But interaction with MuffinMilk, well, maybe not as frequently, and not as good as this. Ham Sandwich? Ham Sandwich? Come on! […]


Cheeseboard Sidewalk Graffiti

This one is pretty cool. If you’re a pizza fiend, you’ve probably at least heard of if not visited Cheese Board in Berkeley. It gets West Coast pizza lovers lining up outside to buy pizza and then sitting down on the grass median in the […]


Sauce for the Goose is Sauce for the Hog…

Anyone know the background on this sticker affixed to a lamppost spotted (6/24/2012) on E2nd Street between Avenues A and B in Alphabet City? Sauce stenciled in white on a black hog? All for some good sauce on some pulled pork. I opt for white […]


Shopping Cart Door Graffiti

This shopping cart graffiti drawn in gold on an East Village door looks like a hobo symbol, something you’d see around the railroad tracks, a sign left behind to alert other travelers. The tag was spotted (6/22/2012) right next door to Korzo Haus at 178 […]


Taco Graffiti in New York’s East Village

There are certain words, epic ones that were hoped for at the start of this food graffiti project that were hoped for, like Sushi and T-Bone, that showed up fairly quickly. Others, like Kobe, took much longer to surface, but eventually did. Still other epic […]


Mushroom Truffle Pizza Graffiti?

It’s not the first time that pizza graffiti has been spotted in New York City. Heck, I’m pretty sure that’s the subject of the interview I did a while back with chef David Chang regarding the mural outside Momofuku Ssäm Bar. But pizza with truffles? […]


Catfish’s East Village Bottom-Feeding

It’s not the first time GraffeatiNYC has featured this relatively new food tagger, and with the frequency it’s been spotted in Brooklyn and also Manhattan, it can’t be expected to be the last. Catfish, aka CFISH, has recently been joined by other recent seafood spotted […]


Milkman Delivers New York Drink Graff

What is it these days in New York City where muffins and cupcakes make up much of the iconic graffiti? Cookies, donuts, pastries, and cakes can’t – you would think – be far behind. But New Yorkers need some kind of graffiti to wash it […]


Fish Happens! Florida Seafood Graffiti in New York City

Tonight’s food graffiti post is another instance of, “You got me.” I don’t remember where in Manhattan this was spotted, but I found it somewhere on a mailbox. This bumper sticker is again, not graffiti in the conventional sense – not the quintessential food tag […]