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How to View the Graff

From herbs you’d find in New York’s top kitchens, to the booze restaurants keep behind the bar, this project documents the food graffiti found all over the City. The galleries below take you through the journey of a full year (and more) of photographing the food graffiti scene. There are more than 1,400 images and a variety of ways to view them.

-GEOGRAPHIC GALLERIES: Graff by the hoods in which it was found.
-YEAR GALLERIES: The original project (4/09-4/10), and by year– 2009 and 2010.
-MONTH GALLERIES: Individual month galleries.
-TAG GALLERIES: Food graffiti by tagger. COMING SOON

-TOUGH RESERVATIONS: Crowded hotspots for graffiti and food graff around New York.
-MENU GALLERIES: Booze, Small Plates, Entrées, and Dessert.
-OMAKASE GALLERY: A selection of the best food graffiti photos.
-MASA WORDS: A gallery of holy grail, big bank account, unnattainable words, found.
-EAT TO LIVE GALLERY: Por­traying the philosophy of food at the table and beyond.
-IN THE KITCHEN GALLERY: Portraying the lives of cooks and stuff in the kitchen.
-AT THE TABLE GALLERY: A gallery of what’s on the table and the action at it.
-IN BETWEEN MEALS GALLERY: Because some­times you just can’t wait until dinner.

-MEDIUM GALLERIES: By sticker, paint, pen scribble, scratch, and carving.
-SURFACE GALLERIES: Doors, bridges, lamposts, grates, mailboxes, and more.

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